About Us

The LGBTQ Center was established in 2006 as the result of requests from students and faculty for a gathering space and information hub for the LGBT community. Amy Braziller served as the director of the center from that time until 2013. Merri Mattison directed the center during the 2013-2014 academic year.  The center was then directed by Jen Macken, our First Director of Inclusion & Diversity at RRCC.  The center was then under direction of Amanda Mathew, the Acting Director of Inclusion & Diversity. It is currently under Lorely Sanchez the program coordinator for Inclusion & Diverstiy.



Inclusion & Diversity and LSAMP OPEN House

Location: Hub Classroom, LGBTQ Center, and Center of Multicultural Excellence

Date: Thursday, September 9th

Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Registration REQUIRED: https://tinyurl.com/IandD-LSAMPOpenHouse(link is external)

Description: Join us for our Open House and get to know the staff. This will be an in-person event, space is limited to 20 people. There will be an LSAMP presentation at 4:30 pm. We will have games and information on our programs and services this semester.

Meet the Staff

Lorely Sanchez
Program Coordinator of Inclusion & Diversity
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers



Working for the LGBTQ Center

We are currently looking for folks to help us out in the center. Email RRCC.Inclusion@rrcc.edu