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RRCC Science Department Mission

The mission of the RRCC Science Department is to help students become scientifically literate citizens by providing a rigorous high-quality foundation in science that emphasizes experiential learning and the development of critical thinking skills.  We foster competency and interest in the sciences for students who are planning further degrees or careers in STEM fields, those fulfilling degree or certificate requirements at RRCC, and those seeking personal enrichment.

We offer Associate of Science degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics as well as courses in astronomy, engineering, environmental science, meteorology, and oceanography.

These are designed not only for freshman and sophomore students wishing to fulfill core requirements for transfer to Colorado's public four-year colleges and universities but are popular "reverse transfer" destinations as well. That means many students who are already enrolled in four-year schools come to Red Rocks for these classes. Why? Smaller classes, dedicated faculty - i.e., the same instructor for lecture and laboratory work, resulting in more individualized instruction with greater continuity - and guaranteed transfer.


Virtual Symposium Spring 2021- April 26-30, 2021

Happening now!


Judges: contact 

Students! Here is your chance to present your research results or class projects. Abstract submissions are now open! 

Posters, artwork and project demos will be on display in a virtual format. More details to come.

Requirements: Either a digital scientific poster or a 15 minute recorded talk. 

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