Vama Art Gallery Exhibition

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VAMA Art Gallery Exhibition creates engaging opportunities within the community, empowerment in the workplace, and manifesting behaviors which align with RRCC and VAMA values. As an expression of our department, we pull together a collection of work created by our students, in collaboration with Foothills Art Center and 40 Arts West, we bring a multimedia experience to the community.

The exhibition began over 6 years ago when a group of ambitious students came together with a plan of action to present artwork at the Foothills Art Center. They proposed a partnership that would present real world experiences for all students. This launched the beginning of the VAMA Art Gallery Exhibition.

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2024 - Student VAMA Art Gallery Exhibition Submission Requirements

2023 Foothills VAMA Art Gallery Exhibition


Congratulations to Dylan Garbarini for being the 2023 "Best of Show"!

Gallery Website!

Upcoming Timeline (flyer):

Foothills Art Center  40 West Gallery 
Joseph Swavely Keith Curts Ania Poisson Mel Benghuzzi
Amaya McGill Allyssa Mueller Dylan Garbarini Selena Garcia
Jonathan Pearson Andrea Johnson Evan Branson Chloe Porterfield
Jessica Meissner Mary Brink Natalie Statter Mary Brink
Keenan Duran Nate McCoy Jose Venzor Leo Scribner
David Fanton Haris Ahmetspahic Mike Paproski Hanzel Escorcia
Chloe Porterfield Braeden Koehler Aaron Smethers Amanda Deutsch
    Rell Koleber KristeeMikulski
    Jason Bruton Donna Peterson
    Lindsey Scheck Sora MacDonald
    Faith Mendez Michael Burch
    Samantha Henderson Rock Moliga
    Alex Gladsjo Jessica King
    Faith Chafin Carson Harker
    Sage Wolf Dustin Kennedy


2022 Foothills Exhibit

(4/1/2022 - 5/1/2022)

Congratulations to Vlad Tynor for being the 2022 "Best of Show"!




2022 Exhibiting Student Artists
Ania Volkman Keenan Duran Haris Ahmetspahic Mary Brink Thora Smith
Alex Gladsjo Chloe Porterfield Jack Bencivenni Micaela Ybarra Stefan Los
Alex Purcell David Wright Jason Bruton Mishel Best Stephanie Aguilar-Estala
Allyssa Mueller Devyn Anderson Jessica Meissner Natalie Statter Tara Butler
Andrea Johnson Dina Faye Gilmore Joe Swavely Nathaniel McCoy Travis Avery
Ania Poisson Dylan Garbarini Joe Leach Neva Wilder Troy Samuels
Braeden Koehler Dylan Thomas Joe Swavely Paul Kooyman Vanessa Nunez-Rascon
Brooke Olson Faith Chafin Kristi Shirley Regina Ayala Vlad Tynor
Carson Harker Fenix Tangkapanya Lexi Healy Robbie Ungstad Willow Rogers
Charlotte Ricker Gavin Geiger Lilly Middleton Ryann Nguyen  
  • April 1st – Show opens to public at the Foothills Art Center
  • April 8th – Artist Interviews and Opening Reception
  • April 30th – Final day of show!


2021 Foothills Exhibit

(3/25/2021 – 5/2/2021)

Congratulations to Randa Burgin for being the 2021 "best of" winner!
The 2021 exhibiting student artists are:

Ahnia Volkman

Dina Gilmore

Mary Brink

Alaina Zimmerman

Dustin Kennedy

Michal Booth

Alex Avery

Dylan Thomas

Miranda Burgin

Alex Gladsjo

Faith  Mendez

Natalie Statter

Alex Purcell

Heidi Waller

Paul Kooyman

Angie Dunn

Jason Bruton

Rachel  Graf

Anna Poisson

Jessica  Wise

Ryan Staley

Charles Franklin

Jonathan Fontana

Samantha Henderson

Chloe Porterfield

Jordan Longley

Selena Garcia

Chrissy Lampert

Kacey Coffenberry

Stephanie Fodrey

Christina Lampert

Madison Blank


Cody Harris

Marc Hernandez


We were one of the featured exhibitions in the 2021 Month of Photography.
You can download the 2021 VAMA Foothills Exhibit poster: here
View last years exhibit: "2021 Foothills Exhibit 360"

2020 Foothills Exhibit

Check out last years interviews at our YouTube Page
2020 Foothills Art Show Interviews

Students that were selected and showed their work in 2020:

  • Willow Rogers
  • Alaina Zimmerman
  • Scott Lane
  • Joseph Salazar
  • Joe Leach
  • Maddy Swainston
  • Mary Brink
  • Lilly Middleton
  • Thora Smith
  • Chrissy Lampert
  • Vigil Amadaeo
  • Scott Wilson
  • Kimberly McVay
  • Keenan Duran
  • Kathryn Howard
  • Darren Rose
  • Fenix Tangkapanya - Art was selected as "Best of 2020
  • Ryan Butel
  • Vlad Tynor
  • Alexis Healy "Lexi"
  • Catarino Moreno
  • Ian Barker
  • Carson Harker
  • Gary Lundberg
  • Chloe Porterfield
  • Tanner Johnson
  • Kreg Hamburger
  • Taylor Wood 

Foothills Art Exhibit Winners from 2017-2021

From Left to Right:
2017 Scarlett Moody, 2018 Ben Lafalce, 2019 Catarino Moreno, 2020 Fenix Tangkapanya, 2021 Randa Burgin. 2022 Vlad Tynor



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We envision our department as a national and international leader in photography, multimedia graphics & design, videography and journalism education that is recognized for accomplishments of our students’ goals, engagement with our community, empowerment in our workplace, and commitment to Red Rocks values.

Help support our department in its commitment to students, learning, and excellence. 
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