Student Information

Who uses the Writing Center?

The Writing Center is open to all RRCC students and employees who are interested in improving their writing, and is used by writers in all disciplines and at all ability levels.

How will the Writing Center help me?

Tutors will help you with any type of writing project, from class assignments to professional writing (cover letter, resume). We can help you when you are just getting started with a project and need to bounce ideas off of someone, or when you have a draft and need help focusing, organizing, and developing your draft. While tutors will not revise or edit your writing for you, they will teach you how to revise and how to find and correct grammatical errors. Our goal is to help you become your own editor.

What happens during a session with a tutor?

During a session, you will work one-on-one with a tutor to plan and/or revise a writing project. At the beginning of the session, you and the tutor will set an agenda for the session by prioritizing one or two areas of concern and for the rest of the session will work to improve those areas. Tutors will listen, ask questions, offer suggestions, and provide explanations and examples to help you make effective choices in your writing.  

When should I see a tutor?

You can come for help during any point in the writing process, from when you are just beginning an assignment and need help brainstorming ideas and forming a thesis, to when you have a draft and need help with revision. We suggest you come well before the due date so that you have enough time to revise the areas that you and the tutor discuss.