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Tips & Tricks

The Writing Center provides handouts on a variety of topics that you can download. Hard copies are also available at the Writing Center locations on Lakewood and Arvada campuses.

Writing a Strong Thesis Statement

Writing Effective Body Paragraphs

Quotation Analysis for Source Integration

Citation in Multigenre Research Projects

MLA Sample Paper (from Purdue OWL)

APA Sample Paper (from Purdue OWL)

CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style) Sample Paper (from Purdue OWL)


The Writing Center publishes a monthly newsletter with tips to help you improve your use of time within the writing process, development, citations, and more!

Why We Read Aloud

A Helpful Way to Revise

Video Resources

Have you been asked to create an infographic but are unsure how to cite your sources? Citation Station: Infographics is a quick segment to help you feel more comfortable with citation conventions in this genre.

Revision lists enable you to set priorities for each revision session. We all have limited time, so it helps to be deliberate about how you are using that time!

Quotation analysis is an essential process for successful and balanced integration of source material. Ultimately, we want our sources to support our own amazing ideas and insights! Please refer to the Quotation Analysis handout for further support.