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Our services 

The Writing Center provides one-on-one writing tutoring to students in all disciplines. Our tutors are trained to assess and provide strategies for improving the overall development of the writing. While grammar is an essential component of effective writing, we do not merely focus on editing or edit students’ writing; instead, we teach students how to revise areas such as content and organization and how to edit their own writing.


If you have a student who is struggling with his or her writing, we encourage you to refer the student to the Writing Center with a referral form that identifies the areas of the student’s writing that need improvement. Tutors will work with the student on these specific areas of concern. 


Writing Center orientations play a large role in whether or not a student will use the Writing Center. We are available to meet with your class - in the Writing Center itself or as a class visit - to explain our services. Please contact Paul Gallagher (paul.gallagher@rrcc.edu) to schedule an orientation.