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2016-17 “inside this edition”

the Classical art of the muscle car; a dramatic look at familial financial literacy; polling, voting, and chaos in politically turbulent times; empowering women intellectually and sexually; the evolution of food propaganda from WWI to today; fact-based, fictionalized Holocaust journals; & strong women in myth.


...gives students a chance to publish their scholarly work.
...emphasizes creative scholarship.
...is interdisciplinary, benefiting all students at Red Rocks.
...encourages faculty across disciplines to give creative and perhaps multimodal academic assignments.

How To Submit Student Work

Students: Submit your work via the following FORM (Available soon). All submissions will be reviewed. Acceptance requires sponsorship by your instructor. Instructions and full submission guidelines are available here.

Instructors: Encourage your students to submit their highest quality academic work to Claro for publication! Submissions require an Instructor sponsor before they will be accepted for publication. In addition, please consider adding this syllabus insert to your Summer, Fall, and Spring syllabi!

  • Our usual deadline...is Dec. 31 of each calendar year for that year's edition.
  • Accepted work: Scholarship can be the typical research paper; a visual creation such as a chart, map, or graph; or even a website or video!

Full submission guidelines here. Submissions that don’t adhere to these guidelines may be rejected. (.doc)


RedTalks: An Academic Conference for Students

Every April, right here at Red Rocks, students published in Claro present their work. View the Claro Conference page for full details!

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Special thanks to all our contributing instructors. Claro could not exist without your superior assignments and the attention and support you give to your students and their work.

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