Transferring Students

The information on this page is meant for students who are transferring into as well as out of Red Rocks Community College.

Students who transfer need to be sure their financial aid application is sent to the school they will be attending. To do this, students need to add the federal school code of all schools they may be planning on attending to their FAFSA. Students do this by logging onto the Free Application for Federal Student Aid website FAFSA Online: Students will need their FSA ID to add a school code to their application.

For a list of school codes, click here
Red Rocks Community College Federal School Code: 009543
Federal Processor Phone Number: 1.800.433.3243

Things to consider:

  • While the word "transfer" is used, financial aid does not transfer as one would transfer funds between bank accounts. Students need to submit their financial aid application to each school they plan on attending.
  • Sending your application to a new school is just like applying all over again for financial aid. Be aware of the new school's priority deadline dates.
  • Transferring to a new school during the academic year may require students to cancel any unused financial aid at their old school.
  • Students may need to submit certification to the new school that their aid was cancelled at their previous institution. Check with your new school to make sure you are meeting their requirements on time.
  • Any special arrangements made with one school (dependency appeals or professional judgments) do NOT transfer with new financial aid applications. Appeals will have to be submitted to each school that receives your financial aid application.
  • Each school offers financial aid to students based on the school's policies and the availability of funds. Some funds are limited and are managed by the schools individually. Transferring to a new school could result in a student losing funds they were previously offered.
  • A student may be selected for verification at each school, even if their file was verified by their previous school. Students may be required to provide supporting documentation to the school they are transferring to.

Once the new institution receives a student's application, it will be reviewed based on their own policies and processes. In the case of students transferring into Red Rocks Community College, students will receive email notifications of any documentation required to complete the application. Students can also access student account records here.