Awarding and Disbursement Process

In order for the awarding process to begin, it is important the Financial Aid office has received all requested documentation. All correspondence will be sent by email, "The Rock" student portal, and via mail so students should ensure that RRCC has your most current contact information by updating it in "The Rock" student portal.

Loan Award Procedures for 2018 - 2019/2019 - 2020

If eligible, your financial aid award notice includes an initial loan award.  If you have additional school-related expenses that have not been covered by the award, then you may request additional unsubsidized loan. To request any loan increase, you must do the following:

  1. Complete Financial Aid Awareness Counseling at
  2. Submit a Loan Adjustment Request Form in the Financial Aid Office.

For more information on loan eligibility and annual loan limits visit

Financial Aid Awarding

Financial Aid awards for eligible students consist of a combination of grants, work- study and student loans. Award amounts from each program vary depending on the need and eligibility of each student. Awards are based on the assumption students will enroll full-time for Fall and Spring semesters. If you enroll less than full-time, some awards will be pro-rated based on the actual credits hours you are enrolled in. If you choose to enroll in the Summer semester, please note that there is no additional financial aid for summer. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

If you are enrolled in a class that starts later in the semester and it is canceled, the class will not count toward the number of credit hours you are enrolled in for that term. Your financial aid award will be adjusted to the actual hours you are attending.

The financial aid packaging process ensures effective use of funds available and ensures fair and equitable treatment of all aid applicants. For information about eligibility requirements for each type of award. Also, see Types of Grant Aid and Student Loans.

The Office of Financial Aid will post your award offer online to your student account via "The Rock" student portal. The award offer details the amounts and types of financial aid for which you are eligible. Once you receive your award notification, please read all instructions and maintain a copy for your records.

  • All offers are based on full-time attendance (12 credits for undergraduate, 6 credits for graduate) and may be pro-rated if you attend less than full-time.
  • Disbursement of financial aid is made in equal amounts over the semesters of enrollment.
  • When awards are offered, they are for the entire academic year. There is no need to file a separate FAFSA for each semester.
  • Financial assistance received from sources outside the college may affect aid eligibility. Other financial assistance includes but is not limited to private scholarships, tuition benefits from an employer, vocational rehabilitation benefits, and scholarships.
  • Student loans are only "offered" on your award notification. A loan will not be valid until a student actually accepts the offer. Click here on steps to accept a direct student loan.

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Disbursement of funds begins after the census date for the respective term. This is typically
two weeks after the start of classes for the respective term. Financial aid funds will be paid into
a student's account to pay institutional charges first. If there is a credit balance after payment of a student bill, a refund will be delivered via the option selected when selecting your Refund Preference BankMobile. Get more information here about BankMobile and RRCC's new system for processing refunds for students. It is imperative that students keep their addresses updated with the Office of Admissions and have current email addresses as all correspondence from BankMobile will be sent to those locations.

Please be advised:

  • First-time undergraduate loan borrowers will be subject to a 30-day disbursement delay of funds from the beginning of the term.
  • Loan periods always have a two-disbursement requirements (i.e. for a single semester like summer, half would disburse after the census date, and the other half, midway through the semester.)