International Students' Stories


My name is Uma Situala, and I was born and raised in one of the remote centers of Nepal where the access to quality education was not very easy. My parents sent me to the United States to further my education in the field of nursing. With this in mind, I joined Red Rocks community College two years ago to complete the pre-requisites of Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After being in RRCC for considerably long period of time studying and working, I feel like I made the right decision to choose Red Rocks as a passageway to my career path. In 2008, when a natural disaster in Nepal threatened my family’s ability to support me, I had lost my hope of getting education in this foreign land, but it was with the help of our International advisor and coordinator, I was able to not only continue my education, but also maintain a 4.0 GPA and win awards and scholarships. Their support, encouragement, and supervision laid a foundation to succeed in many ways. In addition to competent and quality education, I never felt like I was away from my home. With all my experiences at RRCC, I must say that RRCC is the best place for international students to start education. I am graduating this semester, but I will miss RRCC staff and faculty whom I have considered my family.

Cindy Maya

My name is Cindy Amaya, and I am from Mexico. I am twenty years old, and I am a student at Red Rocks Community College. I moved to Denver in August 2005, but for many reasons, I could not study English. Then in 2008, I went back to Mexico and stayed there for almost one year. After I came back, I really wanted to go to college to get a business degree, but I thought that I was never going to be able to study business because I could not communicate with other people in English. When I came to Red Rocks for information, they told me that they have ESL classes. I felt nervous about attending, but my family and husband convinced me. When I got to my classroom, I was surprised to see a lot of people from many different countries facing the same difficulties as me. As the days passed, I felt more comfortable because I had really good classmates and wonderful teachers that helped me a lot. Now after seven months of classes, I feel a lot better because I am able to understand and speak with people in English. I feel very lucky to be here because here I have found the help I need and the teachers and friends that really care about you. I feel very happy because I am completing the most important step to later get my business degree.

Josue - Student

My name is Josue NDUWA MUSHIDI. I came to Colorado in August 2008 from the Congo (Dem. Rep. of). I decided to go to Colorado School of Mines when I heard it was a great engineering school. So I started my studies at Red Rocks Community College with the English as a Second Language program because the Congo is a French country. Then I found out that I could take some science classes and that I could transfer the credits over to Colorado School of Mines and in that case I wouldn’t have to take those classes again. After my studies here at Red Rocks Community College, I will transfer to Colorado School of Mines in the Metallurgy and Material department.

Solomon - Student

My name is Solomon Assefa, I was born as a first child to my parents in a small town in Ethiopia. My parents always wanted the best for their kids so we moved to the capital when I was just 10 years old. From then on, I was admitted into one of the best private schools in the nation where I spent most of my childhood and youth years. It was with the intent of a good education that my parents sent me to study in the US. I must say they haven’t failed. When I first came here, Red Rocks was just a passageway to a better school that I had in mind. But, it has surpassed my expectations and given me a quality and competitive education. Red Rocks not only offered me with personalized attention and small class size, but also helped me shape my future. I was able to realize my potential and aim higher here. But most of all, I was welcomed and felt at home all the time.