Staff Bios

Ana Carolina Gutierrez, Director

International Student Services Support Specialist, Designated School Official for the Student Exchange Visitor Program, and Passport Acceptance Agent

I am happy to have you at Red Rocks Community College! I’m here to help guide you and serve as an advocate for you throughout the admissions process, enrollment, acclimating to college in the USA, studying here, graduation, OPT, and everything in between. I can also offer support for study abroad including helping you apply for a passport. I love working with our English language learners and seeing how our students come in with basic English skills to succeeding in college level classes taught in English.

I have my Master’s degree in International Development with a Certificate in International Law and Human Rights. I have worked as a legal assistant with immigration attorneys and I have also been a case manager for undergraduate students experiencing times of crisis. I have studied and completed internships and other study abroad opportunities in multiple countries including the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Panama, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Cambodia, and India. I know living in another country and engaging in a different school system can be both amazing and challenging. I would love to do everything I can to help you make the most out of your time here. I love dogs, karate, food, and spending time with my family. My family is from Mexico and Puerto Rico, but I grew up in Colorado and would love to help you navigate life here. I look forward to getting to know you this year!