Gifts/Awards/Prizes Policy

If a department wishes to provide a contest judge, speaker, etc. a gift in lieu of an honorarium payment, or provide a prize for contests, etc. they may do so up to a $50 limit.  The $50 does not include incidental expenses such as engraving, packing, insuring, or mailing costs.  An example of an appropriate “thank you” gift or “prize” within the IRS limitations would be an engraved plaque, RRCC shirt, or other item costing $50 or less.

IMPORTANT:  If the dollar amount is more than $50 then a Prize and Award form must be completed and signed by the recipient and additional forms may be required.

Please note that gifts/awards to employees (including student employees) may have different requirements and should first be discussed with the Procurement Manager or Controller.

Prize/Award Form PDF *Updated 9/2018