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Do you need to build additional skills in math, reading, or writing to retake the academic placement test and succeed in college level English/Math classes? The Learning Collaborative can help.

The Learning CollaborativeThe Learning Source

Enroll or Co-enroll in this non-credit course to receive over 60 hours of instruction and tutoring to improve your math, reading and writing skills. Successful completion prepares you for courses such as Math 050, English/CCR092 or higher. You are also eligible to retake Accuplacer placement exam for free! The course fee is $60.00 per course; fee is not covered by financial aid. All classes are held at the Lakewood campus.

The Learning Collaborative uses a holistic quadrant approach to college and career readiness leading to success in the following areas: Academic Readiness, Career Readiness, College Culture Readiness & Personal Readiness.

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