What subjects will you study in the Red Rocks Law Enforcement Academy?

Accident Investigation

Area Search and Perimeter

 Communicable Diseases- Bio Hazard Awareness

Alternatives to Deadly Force

Arrest Control Tactics: CSP- "DTAC"

Arson Investigation

Building Searches (includes practical exercise)

Burglary and Theft Investigation

Child Abuse and Interviewing Children

Civil Liability/Civil Disputes

Colorado Criminal Code/Related Federal Statutes

......Crimes against Children
......Crimes against Persons
......Crimes against Property
......Fraud Offenses
......Inchoate Offenses
......Mental States
......Public Order Crimes
......Controlled Substances

Colorado Juvenile Code

Community Policing/Crime prevention

Court System

Crime Prevention

Crime Scene Photography

Crime Scene Search, Notes, and Sketch

Crowd Control

Death Investigation

DUI Enforcement/SFST (Wet lab exercises)

Ethnic Intimidation

Firearms Safety and Training

Handling In-Progress Calls

HAZMAT and Biohazard Awareness

Hostage/Crisis Negotiation

Identification and Collection of Evidence

Identification of Suspects

Identity Theft

Incident Command Status (NIMS/ICS)

Interaction with Special Populations

Interview and Interrogation

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

Introduction to Judicial Process

Investigating Gang Activity

Latent Fingerprints

Law Enforcement Organizations

Law Enforcement Driving- Colorado State Patrol

Law Enforcement Ethics

Law Enforcement Role in Terrorism

Laws of Arrest, Search, and Seizure

Laws pertaining to the Use of Force

Legal Research

Mock Crime Scene and Moot Court

Mock Oral Boards

NCIC/CCIC Procedures

Officer Survival

Patrol Observation and Perception

Pedestrian Contacts

Physical Fitness- CSP Crossfit Style

Police/Community Relations

Preliminary Investigation

Physiology and Response of Violence in
Domestic Situations

Professional/Military Bearing

Rapid Emergency Deployment

Report Writing

Risk Assessment Responses

Roles of Prosecutors/Defense

Rules of Evidence

Sexual Assault Investigation

Sexual Harassment

Taser Use

Testifying in Court

Traffic Code and Enforcement

Traffic Direction

United States Constitution

Vehicle Contacts and Searches

Verbal Skills Training

Vice and Narcotics Investigation

Victims' Rights

White Collar and Computer Crimes

and more.