Full Time Math Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Paige Cudworth

Paige Cudworth
Email: paige.cudworth@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303.914.6630

BA, Math Willamette University, Salem, Oregon
MA, Math University of Colorado, Boulder

Heather Duncan

Heather Duncan
Email: heather.duncan@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303.914.6446

M.A.T., Northern Arizona University
B.A., Mathematics, Fort Lewis College

Craig Faulhaber

Craig Faulhaber
Email: craig.faulhaber@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303.914.6437

Mathematics and Physics, B.S., Washington University in St. Louis
Applied Mathematics, M.S., University of Colorado at Boulder

Adam Forland

Adam Forland
Email: adam.forland@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303.914.6439

BA Western State Colorado University; Math
MS Montana State University; Math

Brenda Forland

Brenda Forland
Phone: 303.914.6443

B.A., University of Wisconsin; Math 
M.S., Montana State University; Math

Jodi Holzman
Email: jodi.holzman@rrcc.edu

Phone: 303.914.6432

BS, Metropolitan State University, Math
MA, University of Colorado Denver, Information and Learning Technologies

Thomas Niehoff

Thomas Niehoff
Email: tom.niehoff@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303.914.6438

Mathematics. M.S., University of Colorado at Denver
B.S., University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
A.A., Florida Junior College at Jacksonville

Dan Sohl

Dan Sohl
Email: dan.sohl@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303-914-6412

B.S., Mathematics, Buena Vista University, 2004
M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2008

Martha Stevens

Martha Stevens
Email: martha.stevens@rrcc.edu
Phone: 303-914-6637

B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison;Math and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
M.S., University of Washington-Seattle; Atmospheric Sciences

Part-Time Faculty

Robert Armagost
Email: robert.armagost@rrcc.edu

Jessica Bates
Email: jessica.bates@rrcc.edu

Andrea Benefiel
Email: andrea.benefiel@rrcc.edu

Rachel Benefiel
Email: rachel.benefiel@rrcc.edu

Melvin Cacayorin
Email: melvin.cacayorin@rrcc.edu

Aaron Cook
Email: Aaron.cook@rrcc.edu

Rebecca DeMott
Email: rebecca.demott@rrcc.edu

Alaina Garland
Email: Alaina.Garland@rrcc.edu

Karen Horn
Email: karen.horn@rrcc.edu

Stacy Howard
Email: stacy.howard@rrcc.edu

Alec Hub
Email: alec.hub@rrcc.edu

Lori Johnson
Email: lori.johnson@rrcc.edu

Nicholas Koprowicz
Email: nicholas.koprowicz@rrcc.edu

Yongxia Kuang
Email: yongxia.kuang@rrcc.edu

Reese Laviolette
Email: reese.laviolette@rrcc.edu

Robin Marvin
Email: robin.marvin@rrcc.edu

Adam Purcilly
Email: adam.purcilly@rrcc.edu

Tom Reid
Email: tom.reid@rrcc.edu

Greg Russell
Email: greg.russell@rrcc.edu

Yvonn Schomer
Email: yvonn.schomer@rrcc.edu

Sherry Schulz
Email: sherry.schulz@rrcc.edu

Gayle Schurz
Email: gayle.schurz@rrcc.edu

Elizabeth Scott-Janda
Email: elizabeth.scottjanda@rrcc.edu

Musette Sieminski
Email: musette.sieminski@rrcc.edu

John Stein
Email: john.stein@rrcc.edu

Stacey Stillwell
Email: stacey.stillwell@rrcc.edu

Marie Terry
Email: marie.terry@rrcc.edu

Bill Thompson
Email: bill.thompson@rrcc.edu

Igor Tomcej
Email: igor.tomcej@rrcc.edu

Gabi Walser
Email: gabriele.walser@rrcc.edu

Wayne Watson
Email: wayne.watson@rrcc.edu

Haleh Zarrini
Email: haleh.zarrini@rrcc.edu

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