Mathematics Links

Faculty Made Videos!

MAT 050Numerical Literacy Videos

MAT 135Statistics Videos

MAT 261Differential Equations Videos

Math Placement Review Videos

Great websites for all levels of math:

Khan Academy
A large free database of instructional videos for math and science

Wolfram Alpha
A website that allows you to easily graph functions, solve equations, and answer many math questions

Conquering Math Anxiety
This website has a lot of information on managing math and testing anxiety.

OpenStax Textbooks
Access full .pdf math textbooks for free.

Math Careers
A website with information and statistics about math related careers.

Careers and Programs in Data Science
Learn more about careers and programs specifically in data science and other data related fields.

Websites for Calculus and beyond:

Calc Chat
Textbook specific website with practice problems, solutions, and help

Matlab Tutorial Videos
Learn how to use Matlab – a math program that you can access in our IDEA lab, the library, and in the Learning Commons

Paul’s Calculus Notes
A calculus instructors set of notes on Calculus I-III (not RRCC affiliated)

Math Demos
Some nice visuals of the disk, washer, and shell methods

Purpose Games
Great for practicing derivatives

Math Department Content Drive
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