Student Health & Counseling Center News

Arvada Student Health & Counseling Center- Opening in August 2016

We are excited to open a center at the Arvada campus soon. We are busy ordering all the necessary supplies and getting ready to install and stock the center. Our goal is to open the first week of school, however, if Arvada is not yet open, all students may still be seen at the Lakewood campus.

Flu Shots

The Student Health & Counseling Center should have flu shots available by the end of September. Look for updates around campus or on our website.

Symptoms of the Influenza virus include high fever, runny nose, and cough, moderate to severe muscle aches and joint pain, and feeling run down. The best way to protect against the flu is to get a yearly flu shot and to practice good hand hygiene. Hand sanitizers or soap and water work effectively as long as you wash your hands frequently throughout the day. 

Are you in a health program at RRCC and forgot to get your flu shot this year? Students in all health programs are required to get a flu shot in order to go out on their clinical rotations.

Flu shots are available at the Student Health & Counseling Center for $25. No appointment necessary. Call 303.914.6655 (Lakewood) or 303.914.6070 (Arvada) for more information.

For Employees:  The SHC is now able to see all RRCC employees!

Employees are able to utilize the Student Health & Counseling Center for a co-pay of $30 per visit. Please visit the tab "For Employees" for more information.