Frequently Asked Questions

Student WQM Frequently Asked Questions Page 


What format are your courses offered in?  


Courses are offered in a variety of formats to include hybrid, online, remote, and traditional.   

Hybrid courses combine on-campus classroom instruction with online learning components. 

Traditional face-to-face instruction is reduced but not eliminated. Internet access is required for the online course activities.  

Remote courses are ideal for those wishing to "meet" traditionally without having to physically be on campus. These courses are scheduled same as traditional classes with a specified times and dates but meet remotely. 

Online courses do not meet at a specific time.

Due to the hands-on nature of the curriculum, the WQM courses meet in person when possible.


What is the tuition for your program? 

Tuition charges vary, depending on if you are paying in-state or out of state rates. Additionally, format of courses will impact rates. For additional tuition rate questions contact the cashier's office at (303) 914-6335 . 



How do I apply for the AAS degree?  


Declare your major as Water Quality Management, AAS you apply with admissions.  


How do I apply for the BAS degree? 


Start by scheduling an appointment with a department representative.  

Secondly, complete the free application for admission to Red Rocks Community College. 

Lastly, complete the BAS Application and include an attachment of your unofficial transcripts. 


What are my career options? 


Career options are endless! An education from WQM program at Red Rocks will help prepare you for a job or career ranging from lab technician to environmental scientists. The water industry in Colorado alone is expected to grow an estimated 27%. We proudly boast a 94% job placement rate.



What courses are being offered THIS semester?  


Courses being offered this semester can be found in the RRCC schedule



What certificates do you offer? 

 At RRCC, we offer academic certificates that vary from 8 credits to 24 credits. The certificates display knowledge in a specific aspect of the water industry. Water Operator licenses are awarded through the state. You can learn more about how to sit for a state licensing exam here: CCWP Office


  • Water Technology Professional Certificate

  • Infrastructure Security Professional Certificate

  • Assesst Management Professional Certificate

  • Laboratory Analysis Certificate

  • Infrastructure Design Professional Certificate

  • Integrated Water Professional Certificate