Academic Testing

All academic test must be scheduled.  Please contact the Assessment Center at (303) 914-6727 or e-mail at

The Assessment Center offers Academic Testing for Red Rocks Community College students to take tests outside of their traditional class setting in our testing rooms. This service is coordinated by the course instructor. Students work directly with their instructor if they need to take a classroom test at another time since the instructor must bring the test to the Assessment Center.

After an instructor has informed students that the test is on file in the Assessment Center, students must bring a state or federal picture ID (i.e.: Student College ID, driver's license, passport, etc.) to show before testing. We have no facilities for underage children to wait for someone who is testing, so please make appropriate arrangements for child care outside of the college.

We have lockers to store your backpacks or book bags. We do not allow the following items in our testing rooms:

  • Cell phones
  • Any other electronic devices: pagers, IPodsMP3 players, etc.
  • Food and Beverages
  • No hats may be worn in the testing rooms

When you check in at the Assessment Center, we will confirm your class and test you are taking. We will review your instructor's test instructions; whether or not you may use your textbook, notes, or calculator, for example. You will be seated at a testing desk with the appropriate materials. We have pencils and scratch paper for you. If your test has a specific time limit, we have clocks in our testing rooms so you can monitor your time.

We monitor by video cameras as well as by physically walking through the rooms and viewing through the windows into the testing rooms, so if you have any difficulty we are available. Naturally, we cannot offer any input or clarification of your test questions or its content.

No tests are given out 30 minutes before closing. ALL tests are collected at closing.

If you have any questions, please stop by to see us. The Assessment Center is located on the main floor, adjacent to the Admissions Counter, directly across from the RRCC Main Entrance.

Assessment Staff

Arvada Campus

Stephanie Studebaker:Testing and Evaluation Specialist

Lakewood Campus

Musette Sieminski: Assessment Center Manager

John Stein: Testing and Evaluation Specialist

Cheryl Lammers-Sanft: Testing and Evaluation Specialist

Andrew Mills: Testing and Evaluation Specialist

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NCTA Professional Standards & Guidelines Consortium of College Testing Centers