Assessment of Distance Education Students

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We will process your request as soon as ACCUPLACER remote testing is available.


An Academic Placement Test is required for placement into traditional and online courses in the following cases.

  • For any student 19 years old or younger
  • For any student pursuing a degree program
  • For any student taking an English or Math class
  • For any student taking a class that has college level reading, writing, or math requirements; these requirements will be shown in the Course Catalog Course Description.

Our goal is for all students to be successful and our faculty believes that students must be given the best information to make good course choices. If you have qualifying ACT or SAT test scores no older than 5 years, that meet the following minimum scores, please fax them to us at 303.914.6457.

  • Reading Requirement: ACT Reading score of 17 or better; SAT Critical Reading score of 430 or better
  • English Requirement: ACT English score of 18 or better; SAT Critical Reading score of 440 or better
  • Math Requirement: ACT Math score of 19 or better; SAT Math score of 460 or better

RRCC offers academic placement testing which can be administered, by internet, in any proctored testing situation, such as another college's testing center or library.

To take the placement test out of state, or out of the country:

  • The easiest way to take the test is to locate a college that offers equivalent academic placement testing. Click NCTA for a list of schools in your area. If they agree to test you, you will need the following test sections: Reading Comprehension (RC), Sentence Skills (SS) and Elementary Algebra (EA). Fax the test scores to 303.914.6457.
  • If you cannot locate a school that offers an equivalent academic placement test, you will need to contact a local college or university testing center that has Internet access. Ask if they would be willing to administer our assessment test; plan on 2 hours. Be sure to ask if they will charge you any fees for this service, as most colleges have a proctoring fee to administer tests for another institution. You are responsible for that fee, and we will not reimburse you for any fees incurred for testing. Complete the Request for Testing Online Form and submit it to us.
  • We will contact that Testing Center and verify that they are able to administer the test to you. We will then send them the instructions for administering the test.
  • Arrange a day and time to take the test. Be sure that the test center notifies us by fax when you have completed the test.
  • Once your test results are received, you will be cleared to register.
  • If you have questions about your test scores or any remedial classes that you may need to complete, contact an Academic Advisor who will help you get placed into the appropriate classes.

NCTA Professional Standards & Guidelines Consortium of College Testing Centers