Standing Committees

Standing Committees

A standing committee is a permanent committee that meets regularly. The standing committees for faculty to join at Red Rocks Community College are listed below.

Academic Standards

The Academic Standards Committee reviews, analyzes and makes recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs on matters pertaining to the following: Academic policies/procedures that affect academic learning environment and contribute to the maintenance of high academic standards AND Procedures for changing, developing, or deleting instructional policies or procedures.

Current Chair: Paige Casabona 

Assessment Council

The Assessment Council is a faculty-led organization, comprised of faculty, administration and staff, who coordinate efforts to improve teaching and facilitate improvement and understanding of student learning at RRCC. The scope of the Assessment Council’s work includes building sustaining a culture of inquiry by supporting faculty through the academic program review process and continuous quality improvement. Through mentoring and coaching, faculty engage in best practices related to assessment of student learning at the course, program, and institutional levels. Meetings are open to all RRCC employees although voting rights are restricted to official members.

Current Chair: 
Minutes Access:

Campus Safety Advisory Committee

The RRCC Campus Safety Advisory Committee's mission is to advance social equity and ensure equitable treatment of systemically non-dominant groups by ensuring dialogue and identifying opportunities for collaboration involving public safety.

Committee Chair: 
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Collaboration Council

Collaboration Council has the training and delegated authority to set annual priorities and make recommendations for the resources needed to achieve the priorities in alignment with the mission and vision of the college.

Current Chair: Derek Grubb

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee will review, analyze, and make recommendations to the Vice President of Academic Affairs on matters pertaining to the following: Substantive changes, additions, and deletions in all instructional courses and programs offered, courses and programs to be entered in the course Master File, AND Forms, curriculum, and policies as needed.

Current Chair: Lynnette Hoerner

Equity and Inclusion Council

The Equity and Inclusion Council’s mission is to create a community that values and respects our similarities and differences. We are a group of staff, faculty, students and community who support and promote issues and concerns regarding diversity on campus and throughout our local communities.

Current Members: Jen Macken

Faculty Senate

Serve as the Faculty group in the Shared Governance structure and a channel of communication between the Faculty and the Administration on matters of interest or concern.

Current President: Brandon English
Meeting Times: Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, 3:45-4:45pm

First Year Experience Committee (FYE)

Committee Chair: Derek Grubb

Honor's Committee

The Honors Committee is a standing committee of faculty, staff and administrative members that works with the director and is involved in honors curriculum, governance, policy, development, and evaluation deliberations. The composition of that group represents the colleges and/or departments served by the program and also elicits support for the program from across the campus.

Committee Chair: Dr. Russell G. Brodie

Housing and Food Insecurity Council

The purpose of the Housing and Food Insecurity Council is to identify the housing and food insecurities of RRCC students and work toward alleviating the impact of those barriers on student success by connecting students, faculty, and staff to resources and educational opportunities


Instructional Technology Advisory Committee  (ITAC)

It provides direction and sets priorities for the use of instructional technologies that support the learning and teaching environments at Red Rocks Community College. The goal of the committee is to gather and evaluate information about how instructional technology can enhance instruction and make recommendations to Academic Affairs on implementation.

Current Chair: Jon Johnson

Online Advisory Committee

The current purpose is to finish guidance of implementation of the online course standards guidelines.  In the future, it will be an advisory committee to help guide the direction of Red Rocks online education and continuously improve online courses.
Committee Chair: Jon Johnson

Open Education Resources Committee

The mission of the OER Advisory Committee is to build the structure, culture, and assessment of Open Educational Resources at RRCC.

Committee Chair: Matthew Watts

Strategic Enrollment Management Council

The focus of the Enrollment Management Team's work is to define and maintain targeted enrollment levels that sustain the College's budget. There are 3 subcommittees within this group focused on recruitment, retention and data and analytics.


Veteran Advisory Council

The Veteran Advisory Council advises the Veteran Services Office, provides input on Veteran-related decision making, and supports Veteran student initiatives.


Web Accessibility Committee

To develop and oversee direction, strategies, resources, and plans for implementing the Presidential Procedure SP3-125g and the Red Rocks Web Accessibility Plan.

Minutes Access:


Special Committees

A special committee is created for a limited period of time to perform a particular study or investigation. The special committees for faculty to join at Red Rocks Community College are listed below.

Catalog Committee

The Catalog Committee reviews submissions to the catalog and works with the Marketing Director on preparing each year’s catalog.

Current Chair: Jen Broadwater

Endowed Teaching Chair Committee

The Endowed Teaching Chair Committee meets to review applicants and conduct interviews for the Endowed Teaching Chair award offered through the Red Rocks Community College Foundation Office.

Peer Review Committee

To hear an appeal by a faculty member facing suspension or dismissal.

Current Chair: Brandon English

Joint Committees

Joint Committees are committees comprised of multiple organizations. The joint committees for faculty to join at Red Rocks Community College are listed below.

Colorado Faculty Advisory Council (CFAC)

The purpose of the Colorado Faculty Advisory Council is to advise the ColoradoCommission on Higher Education, and other appropriate state agencies, on matters affecting higher education statewide.

Current RRCC Representative: Ellie Camann

State Faculty Advisory Council (SFAC)

The State Faculty Advisory Council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Board and to the President of the System and shall act in a liaison capacity between the college faculties and the Board. The Faculty Council shall advise and make recommendations to the System President and the Board on polices and other matters of interest and concern to state system community and junior college faculty.

Current RRCC Representative: Ellie Camann

State Faculty Curriculum Committee (SFCC)

Oversee CCCNS and CCCS classes. Review and approve/decline proposed curriculum revisions, deletions and new curriculum submitted by all schools in the community college system. Review GT submissions and make suggestions before sending them on for GT Review. Organize annual 2:2 meetings.

Current RRCC Representatives: Lynnette Hoerner

Jack Kent Scholarship Contact

To help students with their application for the scholarship. This contact provides information about deadlines and answers questions about the scholarship.