Applying to the Program


Things you will need BEFORE you can complete your Radiologic Technology application:

  • RRCC Student S#.  Not an RRCC Student? Apply here
  • Transfer all completed pre-reqs so they appear on your RRCC transcript (see #1 below)

Submit the online program application during the application window of January 1st - March 31st 

Applications submitted outside of the application window, or that contain unreadable, missing, incomplete or incorrect information will not be considered. 

Applicants can apply to multiple medical imaging programs at the same time.  Candidates who are deemed eligible to interview for multiple programs can only interview for one program per year and will be asked to choose which program they wish to interview for.

Online application PDF attachments:

1.  Red Rocks Community College Transcript:

  • You will need to get all completed pre-reqs accepted by RRCC and documented on your RRCC transcript.  All transfer credit transcripts, credit for prior learning (CLEP), advanced placement testing documents, along with a Transfer Credit Evaluation Request must be submitted by February to RRCC Student Records, Lakewood Campus.  Submissions after February will be processed in the order they are received, and may not be done in time for the deadline.
  • You will provide a scanned copy of your official or unofficial RRCC transcript, with all completed pre-reqs circled.  Only circle one course per pre-req (choose the highest grade). Transcripts from other schools will not be considered.
  • In-progress pre-reqs must be complete by May.  No transcripts are required - instead you will report these on your application.
  • If any pre-reqs are missing from the RRCC transcript or not reported in-progress, the application will not be considered.

2. Resume, to include:

  • Paid Patient Care Experience (optional): paid employment in patient care within the last 10 years, providing face to face medical services to people as a member of a team of professional healthcare providers, in a medical or in-home environment.  Experience in specific patient care fields listed here will result in higher points. 
  • Community Service (optional): any amount of volunteer experience in the last 5 years will earn points. 

3. Two letters of reference, dated within the last 2 years, with a signature and phone contact information. Letters are scored based on quality of content. Letters from supervisors and/or healthcare professionals will receive more points. 

4. Essay:

The essay portion of the application is worth the most points in our application scoring process, and is based on quality of content. In your essay, address the following:

  • Why do you want to become a radiologic technologist?
  • Give specific, compelling examples of how you demonstrated both initiative and integrity in the past, as a student or an employee.
  • As a radiologic technology student, how will you go above and beyond expectations in both the healthcare internship facility and classroom?

Format: Include a title page, 2-3 pages (not including title page), double-spaced, 12 pt font

The RRCC Writing Center can provide support to students needing assistance with writing skills. 

5. Job Shadowing Forms (optional)

Job Shadowing is optional, but strongly recommended.  Shadowing hours must be done with a licensed radiologic technologist and the completed RRCC Radiologic Technologist job shadowing form must be submitted with the application to receive credit. The school does not arrange or recommend sites. Points are awarded based on hours reported on job shadowing form(s). 1 point is awarded for every hour of shadowing, up to a maximum of 10 hours.

To view a timeline regarding what happens after you apply, please see the Admissions Timeline.

How the Applications are Scored

Nearly 75% of score is based on essay, GPA, and 101 grade.  





GPA in prerequisite coursework only


RTE 101 Grade


Letters of Reference 


Paid Patient Care Experience


Job Shadowing


Community Service



Non-Discrimination Statement

Red Rocks Community College is committed to diversity in its people and programs. Please visit the RRCC Non-Discrimination Statement for more information.