Mission, Goals & Outcomes


Our Radiologic Technology Program is committed to excellence in education demonstrated by providing effective, hands-on instruction in the classroom and clinical settings.  Graduates of the program provide safe, patient-centered care and quality diagnostic services to the community as radiologic technologists.

RTE Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes


Goal #1: Students will be clinically competent

  • Students will apply positioning skills
  • Students will apply patient care and safety principles

Goal #2: Students will communicate effectively

  • Students will demonstrate verbal communication skills 
  • Students will demonstrate written communication skills

Goal #3: Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Students will adapt methods to accommodate challenging scenarios
  • Students will adequately critique and evaluate images 

Goal #4: Students will demonstrate professionalism

  • Students will demonstrate awareness of organizations that promote the radiologic technology profession
  • Students will exhibit professional behavior in the clinical setting

Goal #5: Students will serve their communities as radiologic technologists upon graduation*

  • Students will complete the program
  • Students will pass the national registry exam
  • Students will be employed

*To view current data for these outcomes, please see Program Effectiveness Data