Semester Request Form

Students requesting their approved accommodations must complete a Semester Request Form (SRF) for every semester they are enrolled in order to be sent an Accommodations Letter. SRFs can be completed at any point in the semester. 

Please note that accommodations are not retroactive. Your accommodations will take effect immediately after your Accommodations Letter is issued.

Initial Meeting Forms

The Disability Information Form is to be filled out by the licensed professional who diagnosed or is treating the student. If you already have an IEP, 504, letter from a provider, or other documentation and feel that your accommodations can be determined from this information, you do not need to complete a Disability Information Form.

For more information about the accommodations process, please see our Student Information page.

Accommodated Testing

Interpreting or Real-time Transcription Services

For class accommodations, submit your completed Semester Request Form at least three weeks prior to the first day of class.

To request an interpreter or transcriptionist for a one-time event, submit the following form or email all event information at least one week in advance to the Interpreter Coordinator at

Disability Parking Permit Application

Temporary Disability Parking Permit Applications are available through the Red Rocks Community College Police Department as an online Form Stack. If this link does not work, please visit the RRCC Police Department's Forms page or contact them at 303-914-6394.

Note: if you have a valid State-issued disability placard, you do not need to apply for a Red Rocks placard.