Module 1: Self-Assessment

bridge illustration

1. Download the Learning Styles Inventory and the Learning Styles Scoring page. Complete the inventory and use the scoring page to determine which learning style is your strongest.
Please note – you may be close in several areas and therefore use more than one style to learn and remember information.

2. Read the information found in the How to use Learning Styles to ascertain the techniques which will help you to study better.

3. Download the Skills Questionnaire and complete it. Which areas of the assessment are you strong and which need some work?

4. Download the Multiple Intelligences Inventory and complete it.

5. Read the section Multiple Intelligence Explained; then determine the skills and career areas you might consider.

6. After completing the previous steps, write an action plan for how you will use the information from the self-assessment module in the future. Print up your plan and put the copy up in your study area.