School-Age Childcare Accounting Department

Accounting Department

Andria Davis 303.914.6515
Accounting Technician III

Ben Salazar 303.914.6506
Accounting Technician  III

2018-2019 School Year Terms and Policies

Monthly Calculation Calendars (available on our Forms page)

2018-2019 RRCC SACC Rates


Daily Rates

AM Only$12.00

Extended AM Only: $13.50 (Hackberry Hill Thurs mornings only & Semper all mornings)

PM Only: $17.50

AM & PM: $21.50

Variable Rates$1.50 per day (plus regular tuition rate, prior approval needed)

Early Release: $25.00 (Online sign-up required; charged for attending any portion of the day)

Full Day: $33.00 (Online sign-up required)

Full Day w/Trip: $42.00 (Online sign-up required)

Multiple Child Discount: (10% off the oldest child - does not apply for summer program)

Drop-In Rates

AM Only$15.75 

Extended AM Only: $16.75 (Hackberry Hill Thurs mornings only & Semper all mornings)

PM Only: $20.25

AM & PM: $23.25

Full Day: $45.25

Full Day w/Trip: $48.50 (Online sign-up required)

Early Release: $31.25 (Attending any portion of the day AM or PM)

Additional Fees

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $60.00 for one child  OR $95.00 per family 

Late Payment Fee: $40.00 (payment is due the 1st day of the month)

Reactivation Fee $40.00 (if care is suspended)

Professional Development Fee: $33.00 (Each family is charged a Fall & Spring PD fee)

Lunch: $10.00 (if forgotten)

Late Pick-up fee: $2.00 (per/min. after 6:00pm)

Records Request: $2.00 per/page (duplicate statements, contracts, sign-in/out sheets)

Additional Discounts starting the 2018-2019 School Year: 
20% Off for Active Military with Valid ID (Tuition Only for Oldest Child)
20% Off for Free and Reduced Lunch with Status Notification Letter (Tuition Only for Oldest Child)
*** Only one discount per family will be applied. Discounts do not apply for the summer program ***

Concerns / Fee Appeals

Feel free to contact the Accounting Department with your account concerns. We will be happy to address any questions you may have. If you wish to appeal any of the fees on your account please submit your concerns in writing to Your appeal will be submitted to the committee and reviewed within 5 business days.

Please refer to the Financial Contract and its Addendum to assist you with any clarification of RRCC SACC policies. These forms can be found on our Registration/Forms for Parents page.