Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

How to apply

To apply for CCAP or see if you qualify for Child Care Assistance Program you can go online at:

On the right-hand side there is a link "Apply for Child Care Assistance (CCAP)" select that tab. Select "Apply Online" to begin the application and see if you are qualified.

For detailed information about the determination and/or application of CCAP you can contact the following Department of Human Services:

Adams County (303) 287-8831

Jefferson County (303) 271-1388

Colorado Child Care Assistance Program Rules

Red Rocks Community College School Age Child Care currently accepts CCAP at the following schools based on available space:

Betty Adams Elementary
Bear Creek Elementary
Hackberry Hill Elementary
Kendallvue Elementary
Kendrick Lakes Elementary
Semper Elementary
Stevens Elementary
Maple Grove Elementary
Mitchell Elementary

Space is limited. All CCAP paperwork must be completed and your authorization must be received by RRCC SACC before you can register as a CCAP family at any of the above locations.

RRCC SACC only accepts CCAP for Jefferson and Adams County.


Parents must check in/out using the CCAP online system on a daily basis. Failure to do so may result in responsibility of childcare payment and/or termination of care. All parent fees are due on the first of each month. If payment is not received your child(ren) may be suspended from care and your caseworker will be notified. 

If your child(ren) are absent for more than two scheduled days in a month (one for Adams County) , you will be charged for the additional absences.

If there is an error with your case and/or authorization, it is the parent/guardian's sole responsibility to notify their case worker within 24 hours.

Dear CCAP Family,

Thank you for choosing Red Rocks Community College School-Age-Child Care as your child care provider! We are thrilled for a year full of fun and learning.

This letter is to notify you of three important policies as a CCAP family.

  1. CCAP families are given 2 excused absences per month from CCAP (Adams County families: You receive 1 excused absence per month). Any additional absences will be charged to you directly from our billing department at the rate CCAP would have paid us.
    • What is considered an absence? An absence is when a child does not attend care on a "scheduled" day when they were authorized by CCAP to attend. ("Scheduled" means listed on the SACC Registration/Contract or registered via the online request form) 
  2. All CCAP families must use the CCAP online attendance system daily. This is essential to ensure continued success of CCAP in our facilities. If a family continually fails to use the CCAP attendance system in a timely fashion, care will be terminated due to the potential risk of incorrect payments from CCAP.
  3. Please pay your parent fee no later than the 1st of each month. Failure to pay on or before the first of each month may result in termination of care.

If you have questions regarding CCAP please contact us at: or (303) 914-6203. 

Thank you for your continued support in the success of RRCC SACC.