Guiding Philosophy

RRCC SACC program strives to create a strong personal foundation that will encourage each child to develop into a healthy, happy, responsible adult who will be an asset to our future society.

To foster this goal, RRCC SACC offers an environment that promotes high self-esteem through the learning of self-discipline, decision-making, communication, personal care skills and positive conflict management.

Regardless of physical setting or personnel there remains a consistency in behavioral expectations, which allows for an emotionally and physically safe experience. Our developmentally appropriate activities include opportunities to learn positive social skills, build friendships and express feelings.

This balanced curriculum teaches each child to be curious enough to make choices, mistakes and grow to his/her maximum potential. This program is designed to promote a fun, carefree, meaningful childhood experience through the mastery of skills and personal success.

State Licensing

RRCC SACC programs are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services. We are bound by its rules and regulations. For further information regarding policies, you can call (303) 866-6958, or check the Human Services Manual located at the family center. Licensing requires a 15:1 child:adult ratio. RRCC SACC strives to maintain a 12:1 ratio. Our programs are inspected by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Department of Health and the local fire department. All staff are required to be cleared by the Colorado Central Registry. This registry has information concerning anyone who has been convicted of child abuse. Each staff member is also fingerprinted and cleared through CBI for felony charges.

All policies and procedures are designed for your child’s safety.