High School Teachers/Adjunct Instructors

New/Prospective Instructors

Thank you for your interest in becoming a RRCC Concurrent Enrollment Instructor. To start the academic approval process please complete the following steps:

Academic Approval Request Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: April 15
  • Spring Semester: October 15

Instructor Qualifications:

General Education (GT Transfer) and transferable electives

Master's degree in content area or minimum 18 graduate hours in content area. Includes CTE transferable electives.

Career Tech Education

Occupational experience verification form for all positions held within the last 7 years (5 years for the health science programs) related to the field in which you are applying to teach.

  • An applicant with a related Bachelor's degree or higher - 2,000 hours
  • An applicant with a related Associate's degree or Industry license, certification or at the minimum a high school diploma - 4,000 hours
  • Health areas must provide 4,000 occupational hours regardless of the degree they hold
  • Some CTE courses will require additional instructor certifications (i.e. CPR, OSHA, etc.)

Your submitted application and documents will be submitted to the RRCC department chair/lead for review. After review by the department chair/dean, the Concurrent Enrollment Instructional Manager will notify you of the decision regarding your application to offer C.E. at your high school.


Instructor Responsibilities:


What to expect after you have been approved:

  1. Complete mandatory online onboarding.
  2. Human Resources Office generates an RRCC employee S# and email address.  The S# gives you RRCC access to the web portal "The Rock" and online course shells through Desire2Learn (D2L).
  3. Frequent communication with your department chair/lead throughout the semester.
  4. Department chair/lead will conduct a classroom observation (annual visit).
  5. Students will complete a Student Opinion of Instruction (SOI) at the end of each course.
  6. Course syllabi posted on your D2L course shell to reflect RRCC competencies and requirements. (Instructors may also be required to provide additional materials and/or use RRCC exams to ensure consistency).
  7. All CE instructors are expected to respond within 48-72 hours (excluding weekends/holidays) to their RRCC department chairs/department liaison communications.
  8. Instructors, counselors and district representatives will assist the Concurrent Enrollment Office in the student registration process.
  9. Concurrent Enrollment Instructors will be required to submit final grades into the RRCC Banner system (through The Rock portal using your S#) 48 hours after the last class date. (Directions on how to enter grades will be provided during the March meeting or through the Onboard Training. 




Annual training and professional development opportunities will be offered to current instructors in a variety of ways. The Concurrent Enrollment Instructional Manager will be in contact with you to provide more information.



Each academic year, RRCC Department chairs/leads will review your course offerings for re-approval. Please communicate any curriculum changes or new course requests to your RRCC department chair/lead and the Concurrent Enrollment Instructional Manager by the above-mentioned academic approval deadlines.


Support from your RRCC Department Chair/Department Liaison:

RRCC Department Chairs/Department Liaisons will provide the following support to assist in the development of your course.

  • Sample Syllabi
  • Additional course materials lists
  • Textbook samples (when available)
  • Classroom observation/feedback
  • Prompt responses to any course-related questions


Support from the RRCC Concurrent Enrollment Office:

  • Semester check-ins with Concurrent Enrollment Instructional Manager
  • Support with roster reviews, withdraws and grade postings
  • Frequent updates on procedures and policies
  • Reminders of important deadlines
  • Manage Student Opinions of Instruction (SOI’s)
  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Assist students with RRCC Registration Process for students: https://www.rrcc.edu/high-school-relations/credits-at-highschool


Instructor Resources

Vidoes and tutorials

Desire2Learn (D2L) Presentation- Jon Jonson, Director of Instructional Technology and ELearning



Grade Posting Instructions 

Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Checklist PDF icon

2020-2021 Dates to Remember and RRCC Chair/Lead Contact List PDF icon

Accessible Syllabus TemplatePDF icon

Accessible Syllabus InsertPDF icon

Resources for Concurrent Enrollment Adjunct Instructors PDF Icon

CCCS Statement of Standards