Concurrent Enrollment

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The mission of the Red Rocks Community College Concurrent Enrollment program is to provide high school students, secondary district partners, and RRCC academic departments with the support and resources necessary for high school students to achieve post-secondary learning opportunities. We strive to empower students towards successful completion of college-level coursework, leading to seamless career and academic guided pathways.

Earn college credit while still in high school!

Whether you want to start college now or after you graduate from high school, check out Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) campuses in Lakewood and Arvada, Colorado.

High school students can take RRCC classes to earn college credit and credit toward high school graduation at the same time. RRCC has concurrent enrollment opportunities with school districts to provide college-level courses to high school students at no cost (some restrictions apply). Talk to your high school counselor to learn more.

Click here to see a list of the courses offered at your high school.

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The benefits of the Concurrent Enrollment & ASCENT Programs:

  • Saves you out-of-pocket costs on classes that go toward RRCC degrees and certificates
  • Increases your academic opportunities
  • Ensures that you are better prepared for college when enrolled as a full-time student
  • Seamless transfers to four-year colleges and universities in Colorado

College options:

  • High School Select Concurrent Enrollment Program: Selected college courses are offered during the school day and taught by high school teachers who have been approved as college adjunct instructor members of RRCC.

Click here to find out about RRCC classes taught at your high school.

  • Campus Select Concurrent Enrollment Program: Courses on RRCC’s Lakewood and Arvada campuses allow you to take classes side-by-side with other college students.

Click here to find out about classes on one of the RRCC campuses.

  • College Bound Students: If you are thinking about coming to Red Rocks Community College after high school and want to learn more about RRCC’s programs, talk with a representative, or to arrange for a campus tour, click here.

Important Facts about Concurrent Enrollment:



Participation in Concurrent Enrollment begins your college experience and permanent college transcript. In contrast to the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, where college credit is granted upon successful completion of a national examination and no record is kept on the student's college transcript if the exam is not passed, registration for concurrent enrollment constitutes a commitment to enter the final course grades on your permanent college record, regardless of the results. Furthermore, credit is earned by performance and participation throughout the course, rather than by an exit examination alone.


All Concurrent Enrollment grades are posted to an official college transcript, and a college GPA is established. This transcript becomes part of your permanent college record. Final grades will also appear on your high school transcript and must be identical to the grades posted on the college transcript.

Drops and Withdrawals

All schedule adjustments, such as drops and withdrawals, must be submitted in writing to the High School Relations Office. Drop and withdraw deadlines for Concurrent Enrollment courses are set by the college. You must abide by the deadlines, no exceptions.

Drop definition: If the dropped request is made before the drop deadline, no record of the course will appear on your college transcript and no tuition is charged.

Withdraw definition: After the drop deadline, a withdraw can be made before the withdraw deadline. A "W" grade will appear on your college transcript. Your college GPA will not be affected.

For semester drop and withdraw deadlines, click here to see the Academic Calendar or you may contact the High School Relations Office. Your Student Rights and Responsibilities as an RRCC Concurrent Enrollment student can be found in the Student Life Handbook below.
Student Life Student Handbook PDF Format

Click here to see what the Colorado Department of Education has accomplished to expand college access for high school students.