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College Bound Student Checklist

It is never too early to start thinking about college. Start here to find everything you’ll need to begin planning your college career.

Senior Send-Off Presentation. Click Here to view a presentation on how to make your transition from high school to college seamless! 

Explore Our Programs

Whether you are pursuing a degree in a high-demand field or laying the groundwork for a four-year school, Red Rocks Community College is the place for you. Over 15,000 students each year choose Red Rocks to start a path to higher learning. Red Rocks is an accredited, two year institution that delivers training in today’s most popular fields. Click here to learn more about our state-of-the-art programs.


Prepare for a Bachelor's Degree at RRCC

Nearly one third of RRCC students enroll here to prepare for success at a four-year university including Colorado School of Mines, Regis University, University of Colorado, Colorado State University and Metropolitan State University.

Click here to learn more about our transfer programs.

You are eligible to participate in the Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree program, which ensures students attending RRCC are guaranteed admission to a participating four-year college or university upon completion of an Associates degree. You can read more about the program and participating four-year schools by clicking here: Bridge to Bachelor’s Degree Program

If you are still in high school, learn how to get dual credit for high school and college through the Concurrent Enrollment Program.


Apply for Financial Aid

All Red Rocks students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. The first step to receive financial aid is to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the appropriate academic year.

The process takes 6-8 weeks, so apply early! The results of the FAFSA application will help the Financial Aid Office at Red Rocks determine the type and amount of aid you will be eligible for. We must receive the results of this application before you will be considered for any federal or state financial aid. 

Apply online at using RRCC’s school code of 009543.

Click here to learn more about financial aid.

Financial Aid: (303) 914-6256 or


Scholarship Opportunities

Red Rocks Community College offers hundreds of scholarships through the Financial Aid and RRCC Foundation Offices.

We award about $500,000 each year in scholarships; many are designed for the high school graduate:

High School Senior Achievement Scholarship - If you are graduating from high school early by the month of December, this scholarship is for you. It will cover up to 12 credits of tuition for the spring semester at Red Rocks.

Community Leaders Scholarship - If you have community service experience and a G.P.A of 3.5 or higher you may qualify for this two-year, $8,000 scholarship.

First Generation Scholarship - If you are the first in your family to attend college and have a G.P.A. of 2.25 or higher you may be eligible for this two-year scholarship that will cover 12 credits of tuition per semester.

Red Rocks/Warren Tech Scholarship - If you have earned Red Rocks college credit through the Warren Tech Concurrent Enrollment Programs, talk with your Warren Tech high school counselor to learn more and apply.

Click here to learn more about the available scholarship opportunities at RRCC


Your Success Starts Here

Simply fill out the free online application. You can apply any time; our semesters start in late August, mid-January and early June. There are also condensed courses and online classes that start throughout the year. When you’re ready, chances are there’s a class starting.

Getting started is easy, click here to apply now and view the New Student Checklist.


Already have a RRCC Account?

 If you already have a RRCC account, you can continue using your student ID number (S#). You can contact us if you need help retrieving your S# or would like to make sure your account is still acvite: (303)914-6600

If you need to reactivate your RRCC account, you can do so at:


Declare your degree or certificate program/pathway

Ensure you have declared the degree or certificate you plan to pursue at RRCC. Your declared major will impact your financial aid eligibility and academic progress and will help connect you with the correct pathway advisor.

How to declare or change your major:

  • Log onto The Rock Student Portal
  • Click on the Student Tab
  • Click on the link "Change my declared degree program"


Submit your high school transcript and test scores

Send RRCC a final high school transcript and copies of your SAT or ACT scores. RRCC can evaluate your transcript and scores and help determine where they place you in college courses. 

If you took AP or IB classes/tests, you can have official score reports sent to RRCC for evaluation. 

Email your transcript and score reports to: 


Meet with a Pathway Advisor

For a successful start, visit with one of our experienced advisors. 

Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00 or Friday 9:00-4:00. 
Academic Advising: (303) 914-6255 or

How to schedule a Navigate appointment:

  1. Login to The Rock (link is external) student portal.
  2. Select the “Navigate” icon under “Student Tools”
  3. Select “Appointments” in the left-hand column
  4. Click on “Schedule an Appointment”
  5. Select the department (care unit) you want to schedule an appointment with.If you are continuing in a Warren Tech Program as an adult student, contact Kristin Uhland in Enrollment Services at: (303) 914-6141 or


Continuing in a Warren Tech Program as an Adult Student?

contact Kristin Uhland in Enrollment Services at: (303) 914-6141 or


Complete the Red Rocks 101 Orientation

Mandatory online orientation is designed to provide recently-admitted students (both new and returning) with an introduction (or re-introduction) to Red Rocks Community College procedures, academic programs, and student services. You will be directed to Orientation once you have completed the RRCC application.

If you are attending Red Rocks Community College for the first time and are confused by how college works, Red Rocks 101 is for you! Red Rocks 101 is an online orientation designed to help new students start college out on the right track. You’ll be introduced to all that Red Rocks Community College has to offer, including 300+ degree and certificate programs, a variety of free student services, and plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus! If you’re taking classes on the Red Rocks campus, we highly encourage you to complete the orientation. For those students still taking Red Rocks classes on your high school campus, this orientation is not necessary. You can view the orientation here. 


Visit Us

Visiting the campus is the best way to see what we are all about. Click here to find up-to-date campus tour information.


Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students age 17 or older have an excellent opportunity to earn credit towards a college degree while completing secondary studies. Click here to enroll now.

Students 16 or under may be considered for underage admission by completing additional admissions requirements. Click here to download the Underage Waiver  and learn more about the underage admission process.


Credit Recovery at RRCC

Do you need credits to earn your high school diploma? Click Here to learn more about this option at Red Rocks.