Student Recreation Center Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Do I have to pay to utilize the Student Rec?
A: Yes. There is a fee of $116.17 ($69.70 for the summer semester) per semester to utilize the Student Rec services. Lakewood and Arvada students (with the exception of online students) will have this fee included in their tuition and fees. Faculty, staff and online students have the option to opt-in for membership each semester for the same fee. 

Q: Can I opt-out of paying the Student Rec fee?
A: No, you are unable to opt-out of the Student Rec fee. Any student that takes for-credit classes on campus (Lakewood or Arvada) will be charged the fee for that given semester. If you are an online student, you may opt-in for the fee if interested, as online students are not charged the Student Rec fee.

Q: Can Arvada Campus students utilize the Student Rec on the Lakewood Campus?
A: Absolutely! Arvada campus students (with the exception of online students) pay the fee to utilize the facility so we strongly encourage the participation of all Arvada Campus students.

Q: Can community members utilize the Student Rec?
A: We are not offering outside/community memberships at this time. The facility is only open to current students, faculty and staff members of Red Rocks Community College.

Q: What do I need to enter/utilize the facility?
A: We ask that all fee paying members bring their Red Rocks student/faculty/staff ID card in order to gain access the facility. Members can receive access to the facility 2-times per semester without a ID card, however you will need to present your S-Number and provide a form of ID (i.e. state license, etc.) in order to gain entry. Access will NOT be granted if a valid Red Rocks ID card is not present prior to entry. This ID should be present for every entry.

Q: How much does it cost to join a Group Fitness class?
A: All group fitness classes are included in the membership fee to utilize the Student Rec. In other words, there is no additional fee to join Group Fitness classes. As long as you have a current membership to utilize the Student Rec, you may attend any and all Group Fitness classes!

Q: Will there be any Group Fitness classes offered on the Arvada Campus?
A: Yes, we are working to have group fitness classes on the Arvada Campus. This will commence early October of 2017.

Q: Am I able to bring a guest with me to the Student Rec if I am an affiliate (current student/faculty/staff) of Red Rocks Community College?
A: At this time, we are not allowing outside/community members to utilize the Student Rec. However, we will be offering this service very soon. Stay Tuned!

Q: Where can I find the rules, polices and procedure for the Student Rec?
A: Please visit the SRC Policies and Procedures tab on the SRC website.

Q: I would like to work for the Student Rec. Where can I find information on Student Employment?
A: We are always happy to hire enthusiastic and engaging students! Please visit the Student Employment Opportunities tab on the SRC website.

Q: If I have a academic class in the Student Rec, do I still have to check in at the Membership Desk?
A: Yes. This is a requirement to enter the facility. All students must bring their Student ID to enter the Student Rec.