Student Recreation Center Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The following rules and regulations governing the use of all recreational facilities at the Student Recreation Center have been created to provide equal opportunity, safety, and protect the rights of each participant. As a member of the Red Rocks community, you have a responsibility to understand and abide by these guidelines. To ensure everyone’s safety, Student Recreation Center team members will enforce the usage guidelines and other posted regulations. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations may result in modified or revoked membership privileges as determined by the Director of the Student Recreation Center.

Identification (ID) Card Requirements/Access Control

Red Rocks Community College students and all Student Recreation Center members must show proof of membership by presenting a valid Student ID or Staff ID to gain access into the activity space at the Student Recreation Center. Campus Recreation is fully authorized to deny entrance to the Student Recreation Center without possession of valid identification noted above.
Students and/or members who forget their ID card will receive a one-time exemption to enter the SRC per semester. If an ID card is forgotten on an occasion(s) in the same semester following the use of the one-time exemption, the member has the option of paying $10 for a guest pass, provided they have alternate picture identification available for verification.
Students participating in academic classes are required to present a valid Red Rocks ID to enter the activity space to attend class.

Proper Attire

In an effort to promote safety, reduce the spread of communicable diseases, and prevent additional wear and tear on the equipment, all participants are asked to wear appropriate athletic clothing while working out or participating in activities. Participants not wearing appropriate clothing or clothing found to be offensive will be told to adjust as needed or asked to leave the facility. The following items are considered appropriate and permitted:

  • Closed-toe athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required in all activity areas except during certain fitness classes such as Pilates and Yoga.
  • Tank tops that fully cover the back, chest, sides, and abdomen are required. Shirts must conceal the navel and nipple areas to comply with the policy.
  • T-shirts, yoga pants, athletic tennis shoes, sweat pants, athletic pants, and athletic shorts.
  • All clothing must exhibit good taste and basic decency as well as contain no obscene or offensive words or pictures.

Jeans, pants, or shorts with rivets/buttons are not permitted in the activity areas. These items can rip the upholstery on the equipment and cause unnecessary wear and tear. Sandals, bare feet, steel-toed boots, and jeans are not permitted. Student Recreation reserves the right to restrict the use of any apparel deemed unsafe for use within the Student Recreation Center.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs may not be consumed prior to or while using the facility. Individuals may not use the facility while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are not permitted in the activity areas, unless explicitly approved for special events by staff. Beverages in non-glass, spill proof containers are permitted as long as they do not present a trip hazard.

Mobile Technology

For the safety and comfort of our members, the use of mobile technology is not permitted in the restrooms or locker room areas. Members may use mobile technology in other areas of the facility for access to music or phone; however, if disruptive behavior (talking loudly) is noticed or reported, the member will be asked to refrain from use of the device. The use of mobile technology at any time for photo or video purposes is strictly prohibited unless approved in advance by the Director. Violators of the above policy may be asked to leave the premises and may face further disciplinary actions.

Locker Rooms

There are two main locker rooms in the SRC. The following guidelines are required:

  • No glass is permitted in locker rooms.
  • Student Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items due to unauthorized use. Due to photo/video capabilities, use of mobile technology is prohibited in locker room areas and will be strictly enforced.
  • Regardless of age, individuals are not permitted in the opposite sex locker room.
  • All-gender, private changing rooms are available and include restroom, shower, and locker facilities.

Warning: Wet surfaces in the locker room may be slippery. Please watch your step.


We encourage our members to only bring necessary items to the Student Recreation Center. Valuables should be left at home and individuals are responsible for securing personal belongings in lockers. Please report any suspicious behavior to any Student Recreation Center team member.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found is located at the SRC Service desk.

  • Personal hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc. will be disposed of each day at closing time. Other items will be kept for one week and then disposed of appropriately.
  • Lost IDs and membership cards will be placed at the SRC Service desk for retrieval.
  • Wallets, cell phones, MP3 players, and other items deemed to be of high value will be placed in the lockable cabinet for security purposes. These items may be retrieved by the Shift Lead on duty.
  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

Accessibility Information

The Student Recreation Center is designed to accommodate patrons of varying abilities. Student Recreation team members are available at any time to provide special assistance to members with disabilities. Members are encouraged to provide as much advance notice as possible to the facility prior to a visit to help ensure that their request for special assistance may be met. Service animals are allowed in all facilities.


Children under 16 are not allowed in the SRC unless they are participating in age specified Department sponsored program or rental event. Children under 16 are not allowed in the weight rooms or on cardio equipment.
Baby strollers/carriers are not allowed in activity areas or Fitness/Wellness classes.


Except for service animals, pets are prohibited in all facilities.

Climbing Wall

Climbing is inherently dangerous; to minimize the risk of injury you must follow Climbing Wall Supervisor instructions and adhere to the following policies. Policy violations may result in the loss of climbing privileges in addition to disciplinary action.

General Climbing Policies

  • The Climbing Wall is open to all individuals with a valid membership.
  • You must complete a Climbing Wall Acknowledgement of Risk and Policies form in order to climb or belay.
  • You must check in with a Climbing Wall Supervisor upon arrival and present your valid student ID or membership card.
  • Climbing shoes are required while climbing and bouldering.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the Climbing Wall area.
  • The Figure-8 follow-through is the only knot permitted for tying in at the Climbing Wall.
  • Climbing or belaying while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted.
  • The use of cell phones, Ipods, or any mobile technology while climbing or belaying is not permitted.
  • Climbers must pass a Lead Skills Assessment to lead climb or lead belay.  schedule a clinic and/or assessment with the Adventure Coordinator (
  • Personal belongings are not permitted on the bouldering or climbing landing surface and must be stored in the cubbies at the climbing desk
  • Participants may not move or tighten hand holds. Please inform facility staff of any loose holds.
  • Do not walk or climb underneath other climbers or in front of belayers.
  • Report unsafe conditions to a Climbing Wall Supervisor immediately.
  • If a patron is asked to stop climbing by a staff member for any reason, they are expected to comply immediately.


  • Climbing Wall Assistants may belay as time allows.
  • You must pass a Belay Assessment in order to belay at the wall.
  • Climbing Wall Assistants will perform Belay Assessments daily as time allows.
  • A palm down belay (P.B.U.S.) technique is required, and the brake hand must remain on the rope at all times.
  • Only locking carabiners are used to connect the belay devices to the belayer’s harness.
  • Belayers must clearly display their own belay card on their harness at all times while belaying.
  • Verbal commands and a safety check are required before every climb.


  • Bouldering is available during all building operational hours
  • Students and members must complete bouldering wall orientation and possess a bouldering wrist band in order to boulder during unsupervised wall hours
  • Topping out on the bouldering wall is prohibited
  • Spotters are encouraged at all times while bouldering
  • Bouldering is permitted on the Main Climbing Wall ONLY below the marked line and if no climbers are present.


  • All equipment including ropes, harnesses, helmets, belay devices, shoes, chalk bags and chalk balls is available for check-out and use at the climbing wall free of charge.
  • Climbers assume all liability resulting from the use of personal equipment when climbing.  Personal equipment is subject to inspection by wall staff.
  • Personal ropes, quick draws, and auto-locking devices are not permitted.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted; only chalk balls, eco balls, or liquid chalk may be used.
  • Helmets are recommended for all climbers, and are available for check out from the wall assistant.

Group Fitness Studios

The use of Group Fitness studios are limited to scheduled activities.

  • For safety reasons, group fitness classes will be limited based on space and availability of equipment.
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class to check in.
  • It is important to be on time. The warm up is important to avoid injuries.
  • Student IDs are required at check-in for the class.
  • Please follow the instructor’s routine and keep conversation to a minimum for your safety and the safety of others.
  • For safety reasons, participants are not allowed to enter a class once the class has started.  Please refrain from entering the studio before the current class has finished.
  • Comfortable, layered clothing is appropriate for all group fitness classes. Supportive athletic closed-toe shoes must be worn in classes.  Yoga and Pilates are an exception.
  • Detail clean and return all equipment to the proper storage area when class is finished.
  • Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby where available.
  • Separate closed-toe shoes are strongly recommended for classes.  Street shoes can damage the hardwood floors and are not recommended for use during group fitness participation.
  • Water must be in an enclosed, unbreakable container. Food, chewing gum and drinks are prohibited.
  • Schedule is subject to change based on attendance.

Fitness Floors

  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older to use any strength or cardio equipment on the Fitness Floor.
  • Cardiovascular machine use is limited to 30 minutes if others are waiting on a machine.  Please be respectful of others and abide by the time limit when the facility is busy.
  • Equipment of any type must be wiped down after each use.
  • All equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed.  Standing or stepping up on weight benches, hanging upside down from equipment, using hand held weights with cardiovascular equipment, walking/running backwards or sideways, and having more than one person using a machine are prohibited.
  • Individuals are responsible for checking equipment prior to each use. Broken or damaged equipment and/or equipment malfunctions should be reported to the SRC team immediately.
  • All cardiovascular and strength equipment must remain where placed in the room and should not be moved or relocated.  All free weight equipment must remain in the free weight area and not moved to other levels of the facility.
  • Weights must be lifted in a controlled manner.  Intentionally slamming or dropping weights is prohibited.
  • Exercises such as landmines, t-bar rows, pull ups using accessory handles, ropes and towels, upside down push-ups and other exercises deemed unsafe or inappropriate by Student Recreation Staff will not be allowed.
  • All dumbbells, weights and weight plates must be re-racked after use.
  • Spotters are strongly recommended while using free weights.
  • Collars must be used with all bars in the free weight area.
  • The use of excessive weight is discouraged.
  • The use of chalk is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.
  • Personal training other than that which is scheduled through Student Recreation is prohibited.
  • Appropriate exercise attire such as T-shirts; soft-soled, non-marking, closed toe athletic shoes; and athletic pants/shorts is required at all times. Sandals, bare feet, five-fingered shoes, steel-toed boots and jeans are not permitted.
  • Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby where available.  Bags are not permitted in the workout areas.
  • Report all injuries to Student Fitness Center team members immediately.
  • Water must be in an enclosed, unbreakable container. Food, chewing gum and drinks other than water are prohibited.
  • Participants may use mobile technology for access to music or phone, however, if disruptive behavior (talking loudly) is noticed or reported, the member will be asked to refrain from use of the device.  The use of mobile technology at any time for photo or video purposes is strictly prohibited unless approved in advance.  Violators of the above policy may be asked to leave the premises and may face further disciplinary actions.
  • No disruptive behavior (i.e. excessively loud singing, shouting, talking, etc.) will be tolerated. Violators may and can be asked to leave the premises and may face further disciplinary action. 
  • Spitting is prohibited.
  • Throwing or dropping items from one level to another is prohibited and will be strictly enforced.
  • Other activities deemed unsafe or inappropriate by Campus Recreation Staff will not be allowed.

Sports Courts

  • Since all games are self-officiated and self-monitored, good sportsmanship and proper conduct are expected at all times.
  • Some scheduled activities on the courts may take priority of open recreation.
  • Grabbing or hanging on the nets or rim is prohibited.  The “no dunking” rule is strictly enforced. Violators will be suspended from the facility for at least the remainder of the day and may be directed to meet with SRC management.
  • Baseball, football, Frisbee, and other activities deemed unsafe in the court environment are prohibited unless special permission is obtained from the Shift Lead.
  • Throwing objects, including balls, against the walls, bleachers and lights is not allowed.
  • Student Recreation Center Shift Lead reserves the right to modify games based on participant needs.
  • Appropriate exercise attire such as t-shirts; soft-soled, non-marking, closed-toe athletic shoes, and athletic pants/shorts is required at all times. Sandals, bare feet, five-finger toe shoes, steel-toed boots and jeans are not permitted.
  • Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby where they are available.
  • Water must be in an enclosed, unbreakable container. Food, chewing gum and drinks other than water are prohibited in the court areas.