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Welcome to the FIT-WELL Personal Training Program

The Student Recreation Center is proud to introduce the FIT-WELL – Personal Training Program to the Red Rocks community starting for the Fall 2018 semester! 

The FIT-WELL – Personal Training Program has a philosophy to T.R.A.I.N.:

T: Teach and educate clients on the importance of physical activity fitness on overall health
R: Reduce risks by ensuring the safety of all training clients through specialized program design
A: Aim for training success by inspiring clients in reaching their fitness and wellness goals
I: Integrate an enjoyable yet challenging training program to benefit physical advancement
N: Nourish and cultivate the personal training program for the purpose of student development

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Interested in Becoming a Personal Trainer?
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Personal Training Pricing
**Pricing is applicable to current RRCC student/faculty/staff members, only**
FIT-WELL Personal Training Program Offerings
- One-On-One Training Session(s)
- Starter Fitness Package
- Ultimate Fitness Package
- Buddy Session Package
- Comprehensive Fitness Assessment
- Fitness Consultation
- Health Assessment
- Small Group Training
- Fitness on the Go!

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Interested in Becoming a Personal Trainer?

Red Rocks is currently offering a preparatory course for the Fall 2018 semester. This 8-week course starts the week of October 11th, 2018 and ends the week of December 11th, 2018. The class days, times and location is specified below:

HWE 255 Certified Personal Training Prep Course (8-weeks)
3 Credit Hours
Tuesdays and Thursday 4:00-7:20pm
Starting October 11th, 2018; Ending December 11, 2018

*Personal training certification is separate from course and optional. Student certification exam discounts available once course is complete.*

If you have further questions regarding the certification, please email Fitness Coordinator and Adjunt Faculty for the HWE 255 course, Bre'una Keeton



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Fall 2018 Personal Training Pricing Structure

Fitness Sessions (1- Hour) $20.00/session
Starter Fitness Package $100.00/package
Ultimate Fitness Package $220.00/package
Buddy Session Package *each person pays same price for desired package*
Comprehensive Fitness Assessment $20.00/assessment
Fitness Consulation $15.00/consultation
Health Assessment $15.00/assessment
Small Group Training $100.00/session offrering
Fitness on the Go! $40.00/session package


- One-On-One Training Session(s): Members may purchase as many 1-hour fitness/training sessions with a personal trainer as they would like and can be used at any time (sessions expire after 1 year from purchase date). 

*Client MUST purchase (1) Fitness Consultation in order to purchase fitness sessions. After this initial purchase, the client will not have to purchase a fitness consultation for future fitness sessions.

- Starter Fitness Package: The Starter Fitness Package is an excellent package for new & beginning clients. The package includes:

(1) 1-hour Goal Session
(5) 1-hour Fitness Sessions
(sessions expire after 1 year from purchase date)

**Package is for new SRC personal training clients only and can only be purchased once under client**

- Ultimate Fitness Package: This Ultimate Fitness Package adopts the behavioral change model and is the ultimate “bang for your buck”! This package includes:

(1) 1-hour Goal Session
(1) 1-hour Fitness Assessment
(12) 1-hour Fitness Sessions (up to 3x/week, for 4 weeks for a total of 12 fitness sessions)

***Package ends on a 8-weeks from purchase date whether or not sessions are used. This is to promote behavior change by encouraging clients to attend all training sessions in a designated timeframe. Package may not roll over into another month***

- Buddy Session Package: Buddy sessions allow for a member and their “buddy” to go through a personal training session/package together! Buddy sessions are great for training with a workout partner.

- Comprehensive Fitness Assessment: Receive a comprehensive fitness assessment, including but not limited to: flexibility, agility, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance and body composition. A certified personal trainer will take you through a series of testing batteries and track your fitness by finding out where you rank among national standards.

- Fitness Consultation: SRC members can sit in with a certified personal trainer and ask questions regarding a workout plan, weight loss, increasing muscle mass and more. Bring a list of questions to the consultation to make the most of your 60-minute consultation.

- Health Assessment: Body composition can be divided into two components: lean (fat-free) mass and fat mass. Our certified personal trainers will use skinfold and BIA measurements (InBody) to get an understanding of your body fat, lean muscle mass, water retention, and more. This is a great way to set a baseline and keep track of your progress as you advance through your fitness program.

- Small Group Training: Small Group Training programs are 8-weeks in length and involves structured programming by a certified personal trainer. The purpose of this program is to simulate a one-on-one personal training session, but with the addition of social interaction by working alongside a small group of participants. The SRC Small Group Training programs will be set up as follows:

8-Week Program
    -1st week of program serves as an introduction week.
    -1-Hour Fitness/Training Sessions
    -2 designated times per week, for 16 total sessions

Example of programs are:
    -Women on Weights
    -Olympic Lifting
    -Functional Training
    -Flex & Core

- Fitness on the Go!:Fitness on the Go! was created with the understanding that, while individuals are interested in being active, they may not have the time or funds to dedicated to a personal training program. Fitness on the Go! allows for SRC members to purchase a pre-designed fitness program for a reasonable price while working out on their own time. Each program purchased includes the following:

(1) 1-Hour Consultation with an SRC Personal Trainer (optional)
Pre-designed, 4-week, fitness/training program of choice
Examples of Fitness on the Go! programs range from:

    -Circuit Training
    -Monster Mass
    -Body Sculpt
    -Fat Burner
    -Ab Session
    -Stretch and Recovery 

Ready to Get Started? Apply Now!

Applications will be available starting Monday August 20th, 2018 online and at the SRC Membership Desk. Stay Tuned!


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