Rest & Relaxation Lounge


Welcome to the Rest and Relaxation (R&R) Lounge

R&R Lounge Picture


In collaboration, Red Rocks Student Government and Student Recreation Center opened the R&R Lounge in the Spring of 2019. The purpose of this space is to provide RRCC students and SRC members an opportunity to rest and relax in a comfortable and private environment on campus. The intention of the space is for people to unplug and recharge in a safe and noise-free space. We welcome visitors to read, nap, pray, meditate, study, journal and more!


This room is located just inside the facility once you come in the main SRC entry doors on the east side of campus.


The Rest & Relaxation Space includes:

Plush Bean Bags


Fresh blankets

Charging stations to unplug

Pillows for meditation and/or prayer

Ear plugs

Noise-free and peaceful zone



The R&R Lounge is a quiet room where students, members or guests can exist in the space quietly.

The R&R Lounge is a noise free space. Please respect others by entering and exiting the room quietly and keeping conversations to a minimum.

Put cell phones and all technology on silent.

Food is not permitted in the Rest & Relaxation Lounge.

Beverages in a non-glass, spill proof containers are permitted as long as they do not present a trip hazard.

Excessive public displays of affection are prohibited.

Visitors must remain fully dressed. Shoes may be removed. 


For questions, comments, or concerns, please email the Student Recreation Center at